Residential building in Steinkjer broke down to the ground in fire

At ten o’clock Monday the police in Trøndelag reported that a residential building is in full overthrow in Steinkjer. There was no one in the house when it took fire.

“It’s an abandoned home, under renovation that has taken a fire,” said leader Gunnar Wæhre.

Controlled combustion

The fire was under control and controlled burnout is being carried out on Monday night. This means that the fire department will control the flames and let it burn out.

“The fire will continue throughout the rest of the night,” said Anslaug Oseid at Trøndelag police district.

Burned down to the ground

On Tuesday morning, Oseid announces that the fire department has departed from the site, but that they will return to water more water. The police have set up barbaros.

According to the operation leader, the house is burnt down to the ground.

The police do not know the cause of the fire, and will investigate the case to find the fire cause.

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