BMW imposed a fine for emissions from diesel cars

German prosecutors have imposed a fine of NOK 83 million on BMW to produce diesel cars with higher emissions than permitted by law.

BMW has not done this with deliberation. Rather, it is about exceeding the emission limits as a result of an error, the prosecuting authority points out.

“The Munich prosecuting authority has issued a fine of 8.5 million euros for an administrative offense that led to negligence in quality control,” a statement said.

Just under 8,000 cars are covered by the error. The prosecution has reason to believe that “misleading of the part of the engine software that controlled the exhaust system” was the reason why the emissions turned out to be higher than the law allows.

– Thorough investigation has neither found evidence that cheating software was being overlaid with deliberation, nor that BMW employees with deliberations have been cheating, adds the prosecution.

– But the company had not introduced an appropriate quality control system that could have prevented the error or revealed it after it appeared, writes the prosecutor.

BMW’s share price appeared to be untouched by the fine on Monday morning and rose 1.3 percent on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

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