Black box found from airplane hull that crashed in Indonesia

The reports from Indonesian local media shows that divers have found black boxes from the Lion Air airplane that crashed on north of the island of Java in Indonesia on Monday.

Two Navy divers said to the local TV channels that the black boxes were totally covered in mud 30 meters deep but were in good condition. The divers said that it was the disaster that was found. The missing fly hull has also been observed, according to one of the divers.


The Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft from Lion Air was crashed on Monday with 189 people on board. No survivor was found.

The black boxes, which are actually orange in color, contains information about the conversations in the cabin and the aircraft’s technical condition. The boxes can possibly reveal the reason behind the tragic crash of two months old aircraft.

Indonesian authorities announced Wednesday that they had captured signals from the boxes in the failed plane, but they did not know where they were.

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