Norwegan biggest bitcoin mining firm might get shutdown by Norway council

Kryptovault a Bitcoin Minning firm might shutdown its operation at former paper mill north of Oslo.
Locals have complained about the noise to authorities. Large number of fans are installed to cool down the computers which are producing unbearable noise to neighbours.
The facility at Hønefoss uses up to 40MW of power to drive 9,500 computers. It is capable of mining several million Norwegian kroner’s worth of bitcoin a week, leasing out the capacity to digital currency investors. Kryptovault is operated on renewable sources like wind and hydro power.
“The sound of the factory comes 24 hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Our summer has been ruined,“ Trond Gulestø, the closest neighbour, told the Dagens Næringsliv business newspaper.
Municipality has determined that the facility lacks the required permissions, and has been operating illegally. Neighbours had to shutdown their windows and relocate to other rooms in a house which can minimise the noise. Summer had been very tough for many locals who had to shut down doors and windows despite the heat.
Kryptovault chief executive Stig Myrseth said “company had been told that all its permits were in order when it took over the plant. “
Company has now applied for the missing permits and is investing in noise-reduction equipment. This should reduce the noise from 60 decibels to below 45 decibels.
Company had also received a bomb threat lately which read as – “This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives,”
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