Big race in Hordaland – car taken by the masses

A car in Samnanger in Hordaland is said to be in a race and dragged down to the sea after an accident. The driver was not in the car when the accident occurred.

“There has been a race over Liavegen, where there is a car taken and brought into the sea. There were no people in the car and it was parked when the robbery went, said operations manager Stein Rune Ø. Halleraker in the West Police District of NTB.

The police reported that there was no indication that someone was taken by the robbery. Divers and diving dogs were sent out to find more on spot.

The road that the raid crossed is little used.

The police did not know what was the reason for the race on Wednesday, but the area has been marked by heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours.

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