Bhatti’s ex-wife attacked and knocked down in Trondheim

Margrethe Salvesen (46), Arfan Bhatti’s ex-wife, was attacked and knocked outside his home in Trondheim in December. The police are investigating the case.

The attack has taken place on December 5 this year, writes Dagbladet , which Sunday published a longer interview with Salvesen.

The 46-year-old says that she woke up in a blood pool just outside her own home, east of Trondheim’s center. She was found outside the front door of her daughter.

– Everything is black and the memory is completely gone. From going out of the car between 18.30 and 19 and for a while afterwards. I don’t know who did this or why. My daughter was obviously completely disconcerted and terrified , says Salvesen to Dagbladet.

Right-wing forces

She further says she believes right-wing extremist forces were behind the attack and firmly rejects that she connects Bhatti or others in the Norwegian Islamist environment to the incident. After the incident, Salvesen will have been in conversation with the Police Security Service, and the police have established a case.

– The case is being investigated as violence. So far, the investigation has not led to information suggesting a political motive, but this cannot at present be excluded, says police lawyer Sunniva Tronvoll in Trøndelag police district.

Margrethe Salvesen, formerly named Marjam Salvesen Bhatti, became known in the Norwegian public in 2010 as Bhatti’s wife. The relationship with Bhatti ended a few years ago.

– We each live our lives

Over the years with Bhatti, opinions appeared in her name which she believes were either misquoted or written by Bhatti herself. In an interview with VG in 2015 , she said she is not, and has never been, an Islamist.

Salvesen tells Dagbladet that she spoke to Bhatti just after he returned from prison in Pakistan in the new year in 2015.

– Then I’ve seen him once after that. We each live our lives, and have nothing unsettled, she says.

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