Bergen municipality receives a penalty fee of NOK 1.6 million for security shortage

Data Inspectorate punishes the municipality of Bergen with a fee of 1.6 million kroner after a student took part in the school’s computer system this summer. The security shortage in Bergen Municipality meant that the user name and password of over 35,000 users on the Feide Administration System were open to students. The student who entered the system using existing user information was given access to the administrator level.

The Data Inspectorate concludes in its case that the lack has made it possible to log into the system and thus gain access to personal information for pupils and employees in the municipality.

The municipality of Bergen confirms that Tuesday received notice from the order for a sentence and a violation fee of NOK 1.6 million due to breach of personal data security. In addition to the fee, the municipality is required to change and protect student and employee login information.

“These are important signals from the Data Inspectorate which we take on the greatest seriousness,” assures municipal councilor Robert Rastad.

Bergen municipality rectified the security shortage on the day the data breach occurred, while the matter was reported to the Data Inspectorate. It was later found that the deviation had been notified internally in May, without this being adequately followed up.

– The incident showed us that we have not been good enough. We must get better internal routines and security culture also related to warning and handling of deviations, “says Rastad.

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