Begging ban judgment passed in Sweden

Sweden’s highest administrative court approves Vellinge municipality plea to introduce ban on begging and urges other municipalities to follow the same.

Vellinge municipality has justified the desire to introduce a ban stating that beggars cause disturbances in local such as “repeated urination and shedding of public areas”. All lower bodies have determined that the municipality has failed to prove that the begging interferes with public order, but Sweden’s highest administrative court finds that this is not needed on Monday.

In their opinion, there is simply no basis in the Order of Law to require Vellinge to prove that the begging interferes with public order, and a begging ban can therefore not be ignored on that basis.

Carina Wutzler, chairman of the municipal council in Vellinge, is very positive about the ruling.

“This is very important for municipality Sweden. It is clear that it is possible to introduce local begging ban. This is about municipal self-government, she says.

Several other Swedish municipalities have also tried to introduce different variants of begging bans. They have been waiting for excitement on Monday’s ruling.

“We will see where our proposal takes the road, we have chosen a slightly more chunky variant where one must apply for permission (to beg, journ.anm.). But I think many municipalities will look into the opportunities that exist now, says Jimmy Jansson, municipal council leader in Eskilstuna.

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