Around 100 wolves detected in Norway

So far this winter, between 99 and 102 wolves within Norway’s borders have been proven. 64 to 66 of them are only detected in Norway, show preliminary figures from Rovdata.

23 to 24 wolves have been detected on both sides of the national border with Sweden, while twelve wolves still have unclear border status.

It is so far this winter documented five litters in whole Norwegian territory, three puppies in frontier reindeer and two litters in regions where it is currently unclear whether the boundaries extend across the national border.

– All ten litters are associated with the wolf administration area (the wolf zone) in Norway, and the five whole Norwegian are completely within the wolf zone, says Jonas Jonas in the Rovdata .

Most of the wolves are registered in counties with wolvesone in southeastern Norway, ie Hedmark, Akershus, Oslo and Østfold. Eight wolves were found outside these counties during the registration period, and five of them were shot in the same period.

– The three remaining wolves were last proven in Sogn og Fjordane in December 2018, in Finnmark in January 2019 and in Trøndelag in Lierne in January 2019, Kindberg says.

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