Apple launched new devices with even more smart features

Apple has launched three new devices which are lace with a lot of new smart features.
Apple’s new top models are called iPhone XS and XS Max. In addition, the company launched a watch that can monitor the user’s heart function.

The goal of the new phones is to maintain Apple’s market share in the upper part of the market. The XS and XS Max are priced at $ 999 and $ 1099 respectively, while a somewhat less expensive model, the XR, with a 6.1-inch screen will cost $ 749.

The new top models have screen sizes of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, respectively, and solid-screen monitors that give larger screen size without an increase in the size of the phone itself. As expected, Apple also dropped the home button this time and Face Detection software replaces the fingerprint reader.

Apple follows the pattern from earlier, as the addition of a so-called model name means minor changes to the products than a brand new number in the series.

The company’s smartwatch Apple Watch was also among the products that got an overhaul, the fourth generation has among other things a number of features aimed at monitoring the user’s health. The clock can, for example, make an electrocardiogram (ECG), that is, a record of the cardiac electrical activity.

The clock can also register if the user falls, which can be an important help for elderly or disabled users.

“If a person falls and stays completely quiet, it will be time to call emergency services,” said Apple CEO Jeff Williams.

iPhone has made Apple the world’s most valuable company, but in market share, the company is now in third place, beaten by Korean Samsung and Chinese Huawei.

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