Apple and Frp in violation of the right to apple logo

When the Progress Party recorded an updated apple logo as a brand in ten categories, the technology giant Apple reacted. The Group fears confusion.

According to VG last year, Frp applied to get the trademarked party’s apple logo, with some graphic updates. The Norwegian Patent Office said yes, but any other players have the opportunity to make objections, and then the American IT giant Apple came on the track.

“The objection is based on the fact that the registered mark is likely to be confused with our client’s previously registered rights,” said Apple’s letter to the Norwegian Patent Office.

General Secretary Fredrik Färber of Frp says Apple has objections to several of the classes the party has registered in the brand, but not all ten. The parties are now in dialogue to reach agreement in the battle.

– The majority of the classes we have trademarked our apple in include political activities, educational activities and so on. But we will also protect our logo for use on election campaign effects, clothing and other small items, says Färber.

If the parties do not agree, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office must make a new assessment. Frp and Apple have deadline for May 12 to justify the right to their brand and objections further.

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