Angela Merkel acts as a party leader

Angela Merkel does not resubmit when the CDU elects a new party leader at the country meeting in December.

The German prime minister made an announcment at a press conference in Berlin Monday, the day after her party made her worst choice in the state of Hesse for over 50 years.

However, she will be sitting as prime minister of the assembly government so far, but argues that this is her last government period.

Analysts believe that Merkel’s announcement is the beginning of the end of her political career.

Merkel calls the election results in Hessen too bitterly for both state and central government CDUs.

“The election results are bitter both for our friends in Hesse and for us at the national level, Merkel said at a press conference in Berlin Monday.

CDU received 27 percent of the state elections in Hesse, which was more than 10 percentage points worse than in 2013.

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