Cancer researchers got the Nobel Prize in Medicine this year

This year Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is shared equally among American James P. Allison and Japanese Tasuku Honjo for their work on the development of cancer treatment.

Allison studied a protein that has been shown to act as a brake in the immune system. He found out how to let go of this brake so that the immune system is activated.

Honjo also discovered a new protein in the immune cells and could show that this also acts as a brake.

The two discoveries laid the foundations for a new type of cancer treatment aimed at strengthening the immune system’s built-in ability to attack cancer cells.

Allison was born in Alice, Texas, in 1948. He graduated in 1973 at the University of Texas in Austin. Since 2012 he has been a professor at the University of Texas in Houston.

– Oh, oh my God. Thanks, thanks, wow, Allison said in his first comment when TT called him with the news Monday morning.

Tasuku Honjo was born in Kyoto in Japan in 1942. He graduated from the University of Kyoto in 1975 and has been professor at the same university since 1984.

Nobel prize winners in medicine were announced in Stockholm on Monday.


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