Almost two years waiting for patient injury compensation

People must wait an average of 22.5 months to receive money from the Norwegian Patient Injury Compensation (NPE). The government has given money to get the time down.

According to NRK , the waiting time for getting answers to whether one is entitled to compensation from NPE is 9.5 months. Then another 13 months comes to get the compensation sum fixed.

For those who complain about the decision for Helseklage, the waiting time in dispensing cases was on average 33 months in 2018. For cases that concern the actual liability, the waiting period was 17 months.

State Secretary Maria Jahrmann Bjerke (H) in the Ministry of Health and Care Services admits that the case processing times are too long.

– We have great understanding that it is stressful for the patients, she says to NRK.

– We have initiated several measures to improve this, among other things, we grant more money, the State Secretary continues.

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