Almost 100,000 per square meter in the Maridalen, Oslo

– People have hardly believed their own ears.

January always offers many new homes into the market, and perhaps extra many this year. The brokers, however, are not afraid that the price increase will fail.

– The whole autumn of 2018 showed that abnormally many will change housing, said Private Mortgage Manager Grethe W. Meier to Hegnar.no in the Christmas period .

Went 1.11 million over

One home many would change to was the top and corner apartment that was laid out on Korsvoll in Oslo – also that in the Christmas period.

The 3-room apartment with 68 square meters of P-room in Maridalsveien 370 was priced at NOK 5.5 million.

After completing the bidding round last week, real estate agent Stian Pedersen at Nordvik Eiendomsmegling at Ullevål again had NOK 6.61 million, ie 1.11 million more than the asking price.

– We had a total of five bidders, and several were in the 6’s. This testifies to a purchasing power market, and that the demand for similar housing has been enormous , says Pedersen to Hegnar.no.

He emphasizes that this was a real price tag seller was willing to sell.

– This is basically an apartment that needs modernization, and the residence was priced accordingly. The pricing was entirely in line with previous sales, but we were nevertheless taken on the bed of how great the interest was once the property was laid out, the real estate agent continues (picture), which has sold many apartments in the relevant condominium before.

Almost NOK 100,000 per square meter

Photo: Nordvik Eiendomsmegling

According to the advertisement, the apartment is well maintained and has had only one owner since the construction year 1996. The standard is mainly from there, except for the parquet floor in the one bedroom that was laid in 2016.

– What do you want to highlight with this particular object?

– This is one of the better apartments, on the top floor with beautiful views, sunny south-facing balcony of about eight square meters, as well as a nice floor plan. Nevertheless, we did not expect this type of response , continues Pedersen.

He estimates the average square meter price for apartments in the area to NOK 74,000.

– And it is with normal standard. This, with the upgrade needs, ended at NOK 97,206, shooting the estate agent’s agent.

In the ad he also highlights the idyllic and child-friendly location, close to the Maridalsvannet and Nordmarka with the opportunities it offers.

– Since the sale was completed, we have been shunned by curious neighbors. People have hardly believed their own ears, says Pedersen.

– The market has responded well

Pedersen’s chief and daily manager at Nordvik Ullevål, Bendik Blumenthal (pictured), can report on an “exciting opening” of the housing year 2019.

– Now I do not have a crystal ball in my hand, but it is obvious that the market has responded well to what we have had in January. In total, we have sold 14 properties in the office, and many of these have gone at very good prices , he says to Hegnar.no.

– We are excited about how the market will be in the spring, but so far it is clear that the market welcomes good objects, he says to Hegnar.no.


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