Alexander Stöckl gives another chance to the team

Captain Alexander Stöckl did not make any surprises in his withdrawal to the World Cup in Finnish Ruka this week.

Johann André Forfang became Best Norwegian in Wisla with tenth place on Sunday, but manager Stöckl sees no reason to make changes to the team.

“The same six jumps get a second chance to show themselves. There were several good singles, which hope that we are approaching. This week we will use to fine tune the technique. Do not forget that in an opening weekend, some unexpected things happen and you can get some results that surprise, “Stöckl said in a press release.

The team: Anders Fannemel (Hornindal), Johann André Forfang (Tromsø SK), Halvor Egner Granerud (Asker), Robert Johansson (Søre Ål), Andreas Stjernen (Sprova) and Daniel-André Tande (Kongsberg).

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