The airline industry is experiencing a wave of bonus fraud

Customers find that bonus points have been stolen. SAS believes there is talk of organized international crime.

In an interview with NRK , Communications Manager at SAS Knut Morten Johansen says that in recent months, the company has uncovered about 100 cases where members of the Eurobonus scheme have been abolished bonus points.

– If the customers contact us, the points will be put in place, says the communications manager who at the same time encourages the police report the situation.

The bonus points fraud, which according to Johansen comes in waves, does not happen as a result of hacker attacks against SAS. Instead, password leaks from other services are suspected. The points, which are used, among other things, by travel agencies in countries such as China, Korea and Ghana, are transferred to fictitious persons. The trips have been taken out mainly in Asia and Africa.

– Our clear advice is to change passwords often, and not use the same details anywhere in the digital world , says Johansen.

Press officer in Norwegian, Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson , told NRK that their CashPoints program has been subjected to attempts at fraud.

– Fraud, or theft of loyalty points is a growing problem in the industry. We have seen a few cases of this, but not in the form of theft from members’ CashPoints accounts. Our experience is rather that foreign professional players are looking for ways to earn points on their customers’ journeys , explains Holmbergh Jacobsson.

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