Air Niugini makes emergency landing in sea off Micronesian island

Airline Air Niugini had to make an emergency landing on sea in Micronesian Island.
Friday morning, a passenger plane of Air Niugini Boeing 737 aircraft plunged into the water after it “landed short of the runway. Seven people were injured, but all 47 passengers and crews aboard survived, reported the airline.
But in a press release on Saturday afternoon local time, the airline announced that there is one male passenger that has not been accounted for. The press release states that it is working on in cooperation with local authorities, hospitals and investigators to try to trace the man.
The airplane proceeded normally until final approach when the weather conditions suddenly deteriorated and it began raining hard, according to the independent website JACDEC, which monitors airline safety and crash data.

The airline has not provided information about the age or nationality of the man.

Those who were on board the Boeing 737 aircraft to Air Niugini were picked up by locals in small boats from the plane that lay halfway underwater. Of the seven injured, only one of them had serious injuries.

“It was pure luck that nobody lost life,” said Glenn Harris, security inspector in the Micronesia Federation.

The plane, which came from the island of Pohnpei, landed in the water before it reached the runway. It is not yet clear whether the captain notified the airline leaders or whether there were technical problems behind the buklanding.

Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea. It flies to a number of destinations in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

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