Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani resigns as president

Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan president will resign from his position and resume for re-election next year, confirmed his office.

“I can confirm that President Ghani will resume next year,” his spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi said on Saturday.

Ghani was elected president in 2014 after political chaos and accusations of election fraud. The election was resolved after the United States convened a resolution on power distribution.

Ghani hopes to be re-elected next year as the candidate who can end 17 years of war. Ghani is considered to be a sharp graduate with a reputation for shouting against his subordinates and for the detail management of the assembly government. It is expected that he will try to look at the United States’ renewed effort to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table – a work that is beginning to show signs of progress.

It is so far unclear who will challenge 71-year-old Ghani to presidential election on April 20th. However, potential candidates may be Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah and former national security advisor Mohammad Haneef Atmar. Furthermore, the former governor of the Balkh province, Atta Mohammad Noor, expressed an interest in a presidency.

Nominations for presidential elections will open on November 10, the same day as the country’s election commission is expected to present preliminary results from last month’s election at a new national assembly. The final result is scheduled to be published only December 20th.

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