Afghan military helicopter crashed, 25 people died

25 people died when an Afghan military helicopter which was going to Herat Province crashed in western Farah Province. It usually transported regional leaders.

Naser Mehdi, a spokesperson for the governor, revealed on Wednesday morning that the commander of the Army Corps in Afghanistan’s western zone, the provincial leader in Farah and a female provincial councilor were among the perpetrators.

The helicopter crashed at 9:10, just after it had taken off from Anar Dara district in a mountain area in Farah.

According to Mehdi, the helicopter crashed in bad weather. 

Crashed due to technical failures

A member of the Farah provincial council Khair Mohammad Noorzai said two helicopters went from the provincial capital towards Herat when one helicopter crashed into an Anar Dara mountain. According to Noorzai, the helicopter crashed due to technical failures. That explanation also gives Gul Ahmad Faqiri, another member of the provincial council.

The Taliban movement claimed the responsibility of the crash. However, according to Dadullah Qaneh, a provincial council member, the helicopter hit a mountain peak due to bad weather.

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