Afghan Elections 2018: Postponed at several provinces due to security reasons

On Saturday morning, several voters were queued outside the polling stations to give their vote in Afghanistan elections 2018 to choose the House of the People. However, many of the polling stations at different provinces were shut down due to security reasons. The election at several provinces is postponed.

In Kandahar province, the election is postponed by one week as a result of a Taliban attack that costed the powerful police chief Abdul Raziq’s life earlier this week.

In the eastern Ghazni province, the election has been cancelled until further notice.

Also, in the morning, there were reports from Kunar Province and the capital Kabul that polling stations at some places were shut down, so, the voters could not vote.

There were also some reports stating that many polling stations from other parts of the country had not received necessary equipment.

Low participation of voters

As per the reports of Afghanistan’s electoral commission (IEC), around 8.8 million Afghans have registered as voters. However, both electoral experts, observers and several political parties have raised questions on the numbers.

Despite having nearly 40 million inhabitants, one of the members of the election commission, Wasima Badghisy, believes that it will be a big success if 5 million cast votes.

Taliban threat violence

The Taliban controls large areas in Afghanistan and it has warned voters against casting vote. On Saturday, one of the spokesperson of Taliban said that the election is a part of  the “enemy’s evil plan”.

The Taliban has also threatened to block both small and large roads. In addition, it claims that the election is just a plot set in the scene of invaders.

The insurgents have also warned principals and students not to let the authorities use schools as polling stations,

Major security forces have been issued to ensure election evolution, and these were praised by President Ashraf Ghani when he cast off in Kabul in the morning hours of Saturday.

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