An additional 3,000 have fled Baghouz

About 3,000 people, among them “a large number” of IS warriors, have left the last IS-controlled area in Syria, according to a Kurdish-led SDF spokesman.

According to the spokesman Mustafa Bali, the refugees used a humanitarian corridor out of the village of Baghouz east of Syria.

The corridor is guarded by the US-backed SDF rebels to allow civilian people to leave the area and IS fighters an opportunity to surrender.

Bali does not state how many IS warriors it was among the 3,000 who left the area on Monday, but says it was a “large number”.

The SDF reported on Monday that about 300 warriors from the additional Islamist group had surrendered.

According to the exile group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), over 10,000 civilians have fled the Baghouz area over the past few weeks, where according to the SDF there are still likely to be between 1,000 and 1,500 IS fighters.

The SDF announced on Monday that the offensive to conquer the last IS-controlled pocket in Syria had slowed down.

According to Bali, this is because the IS warriors use the remaining civilian population as a living shield, yet he assured that Baghouz would soon be conquered.

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