Addicts got dirty clothes and garbage in Christmas gift

People from village were called to distribute Christmas gifts to addicts in Northern Land. Most of the packed gifts were found to be dirty clothes and garbage.

– In connection with the Mental Health Country’s distribution of Christmas gifts to the addicts in Northern Land, people in the village were invited to come with packages. Many of the things we received were fully packed. Now it turns out that the contents of many of the gifts can only be defined as garbage, says head Bjørg Lillian Olaussen Sagmoen in Mental Health Country to Oppland Arbeiderblad.

She says she is embarrassed and sad and wants to regret what has happened.

– And I thought people were kind at this time of year and gave away nice things. This is terrible! We did the same in Søndre Land, and there we got lots of nice things, including hats and socks that people had knitted themselves, says Sagmoen.

Mental Health Land has stated that they will do well again by inviting the addicts on pizza after New Year.

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