Abid raja wants blasphemy-exonerated Pakistanis to Norway

Islamists in Pakistan are raging after the country’s Supreme Court exonerated a sentenced Christian woman. Left politician Abid Raja suggests that she can come to Norway.

“I’m afraid she can be killed in Pakistan if she does not get adequate protection. I want her to receive protection or asylum in another country. Perhaps Norway could have opened its heart room for this death-sentenced Christian woman, “said the parliamentary politician.

The Christian, mother of four, Asia Bibi was arrested in 2009 following a dispute with Muslim women and sentenced to death the following year to offend Muslims prophet Muhammad. Now the Supreme Court has reversed the verdict.

“The case has been a bad shame for Pakistan. Finally, Asia Bibi is released. Coarse injustice has hit her and her family for 9 years, says Raja.

He has taken up her case many times, both in Norway, with Pakistani authorities and in international forums.

“I am both relieved and happy on her behalf, but fear she may be exposed to ugly lawless actions. Pakistani authorities must take care of her safety now, he says.

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