A person died outside Lyderhorn tunnel in Bergen

A person was declared dead after being driven around 200 meters from the Lyderhorn tunnel in Bergen Monday night. The police says they have an idea who the person might be.

Accident was reported to police at around 20.44 Monday night and were informed that a man had dropped out of a car in speed inside the tunnel.

– It does not imply correctness. This happened about 200 meters outside the tunnel. There is nothing that suggests that he fell out of a car or was thrown out of a car, but he was hit on the highway, says Operations Manager Dag Olav Sætre at the West Police District of NTB.

Even after four hours, the dead person was not identified, and the police had not said anything about age or gender.

– We have a sense of who this may be. There have been a number of witnesses, but we will not comment any more around this tomorrow, “says Sætre.

The police still have more witnesses to be heard in the case and further tactical and technical investigations that remain to find the causal context.

Both witnesses and the driver were taken care of their health after the drive.

“Of course, they are very out of their reach. Everything indicates that the driver was not guilty of what happened, the police said.

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Illustration photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix Photo: (NTB scanpix)
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