A hunter was injured in a shooting accident in Vinje

A 60-year-old hunter was injured in a shooting accident in Rauland in Telemark on Wednesday afternoon.
According to Varden , he is from central eastern Norway. He has suffered injuries after a shot in his face and is transported to Ullevål Hospital through Sea King. According to the police, he has lost a lot of blood.
Due to bad weather it took about five hours before the emergency services arrived and got him out.
After several hours, help came to the hunt team and the injured hunter. They were met by a hunting team who showed way to the area where the shooting accident took place.
The shooting accident occurred inside the mountain in Rauland, and a member of the injured man’s hunt team was notified at 17.30 about what had happened. The man was notified via a hunting radio and got up on a mobile phone cover so he was notified of emergency services.

Bad weather, bad communication and a demanding terrain made it very difficult for police and health personnel to reach the place. Although it is only between three and four kilometers in the airline to the nearest road, the trip took several hours. The weather conditions meant it was impossible for a helicopter to fly in, and both an ambulance helicopter and a rescue helicopter had to turn around and health personnel had to get on foot.

When the emergency services finally arrived a little before 22 o’clock it was decided that the shot-injured man would be carried out from the area of ​​assistants from the Red Cross. The plan was to carry him down to a water and carry him by boat to the nearest roadway.

“This will take time, declared the Southeastern Police District in the 22.30 on Wednesday night.

In total, 18 Red Cross crews were sent out with four ATVs and a boat. One hour later, they reported that the hunter was taken on by Sea King, and that the crews who had helped were on their way back and that the action was to end when the crew were out of the mountain.


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