70 millimeters of precipitation, storm and landslide hazard

If you want to send out or look at rockets New Year’s Eve, you should think about. At least if you are celebrating this year’s last day in Western Norway, Central Norway or Østafjells.

With up to 70 millimeters of precipitation and strong winds of New Year’s Eve, it will be challenging for those who want to fire fireworks, especially in Western Norway.

The meteorologists at Yr on Monday morning issued the hazard warning on a yellow level, as large amounts of rain are expected over the counties Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Sunnmøre during the day and evening.

– It is expected 50 to 70 millimeters of precipitation in twelve hours. Keep up to date on hazard alerts, wrote the meteorologist.

On the coast from Bergen and north to Møre og Romsdal it can be small to full storm late in New Year’s Eve and night to the first New Year’s Day.

Landslide hazard

Several places along the coast have been notified of the danger of landslides in connection with the precipitation, including in Bergen and Trondheim.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a hazard warning for the mountains in southern Norway .

The wind can create other challenges for those who want to send up fireworks. Across southern Norway, strong winds and wind gusts are reported all the way up to a slight gale. Also, for Trøndelag and Nordland, strong winds are reported with rainfall as rain and sleet.

From late Monday night, locally strong gusts of about 20 m / s Østafjells are expected. The wind is shrinking night to Wednesday. 
Yellow color warning has been sent out which can lead to local power outages, and trees blown over can be in the road. Loose objects such as trampolines and garden furniture can blow off.

Most places in the south will also have degrees of heat on the last day of the year.

– The warmest New Year’s Eve we have had in Norway was when we measured 17.7 degrees in Tafjord on Sunnmøre in 1972. By comparison, the cold weather record for New Year’s Eve at -51.3 degrees from Karasjok in 1885, writes Yr on Twitter .

Best in the south and north

Eastern Norway and Troms probably get the best fireworks view New Year’s Eve.

The watchdog state scientist Martin Granerød tells NTB that Eastern Norway is avoiding the worst wind and large amounts of precipitation when the rockets are to be shipped up, but warns about wind up against the gale in the mountains in southern Norway.

– It is dry in Eastern Norway. It seems that it will also do in Troms and Western Finnmark, while there will be some precipitation in East Finnmark.In this respect, it is probably Troms and parts of Eastern Norway that get the best rocket weather, Granerød explains.

Meteorologist: Be careful of rockets

A low pressure that strikes inland through the New Year’s night causes the wind to be strong in several places south and west of the country.

– It is a low pressure in the Norwegian Sea that will pass over the country during the night to first January. It will set up a western wind field over southern Norway , ”says Granerød.

– Around midnight New Year’s Eve, in the western part of Norway and in the mountains in southern Norway, you will get good wind, and one should pay attention to sending up rockets, he explains further.

In Trøndelag, according to Granerød, it will become stiff to strong breeze on the coast, while it gets quieter further into the country.

– Pretty weird weather

In addition to heavy winds, precipitation in western Norway is high up to Nordland, some places as much as 50 to 70 millimeters.

– It will be mild and rain tomorrow. The wind is getting late in the evening, but there will still be stiff breeze out on the coast. It will be a little easier around midnight, but still quite unpleasant weather, says state meteorologist Ingmar Vikane.

Meteorologist colleague Stig-Arild Fagerli comes with this warning:

– This will be fierce. With a northwestern storm in Western Norway, Central Norway and in the mountains, there will in any case be traffic trouble.Mountain crossings, ferries and users can have problems on New Year’s Day. The worst case scenario is that there will be a full storm just around midnight. The latest forecast shows that the worst thing happens after this, says Fagerli to TV2 .

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