68 year old missing man found in Telemark

A 68-year-old man was found by Sea King rescue helicopter on Thursday night after he was reported missing in the area between Notodden and Lifjell.

Police reported on Twitter at 2.29 that the missing man was found in the terrain. He was unharmed, but a little cold

According to the police, the 68-year-old would had a target of climbing two peaks in the area on Wednesday. He had used electric bicycle as far as he could and continued on foot.

Apparently on his way little wind and darkness had came across as his obstacle and his phone battery was also drained.

The police reported on the exploration action in the area of ​​Kroktjønn at midnight. It was an extensive search where crews from the Red Cross, Norwegian rescue dogs, and their own forces in the form of dog patrol and several other patrols participated. In addition, Civil Defense was summoned and equipped with the necessary equipment.

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