56,000 truck lorries are believed to have been dumped illegally in Oslo

Masses from construction sites corresponding to 56,000 lorries have been entered and dumped illegally at Elveli farm in Sørkedalen in Oslo, according to the Oslo municipality.

The illegitimacy, according to the planning and building agency, is to deal with, among other things, large mass fulfillments, substantial terrain changes, landfill of unclean and polluted masses and landfills.

Since 1979, according to the Planning and Building Administration, 560,000 cubic meters more mass must be dumped than what has been granted permission.

Urban development agency Hanna E. Marcussen (MDG) believes that mass dumping is about serious environmental crime.

– This is very worrying. There have been illegal activities here for many years, and the municipality has used the instruments we have to manage to stop this, Marcussen told NRK.

In 2016, the police reported to the municipality of Oslo, owner Kåre Kristoffersen, after three stop orders and compulsory fines equal to half a million were paid unpaid. In April 2018, a prosecution was brought against Kristoffersen, but the trial that was scheduled for October was postponed. The reason was the need for more documentation.

Kristoffersen does not agree with the accusations, and says to NRK that the claims do not vote. He believes they have filled up the heights that have been built and approved. Asked if he thinks it is a witch hunt, he answers yes.

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