5,000 single minor asylum seekers need a roof over their heads

The Trump administration has asked the US Department of Defense to accommodate up to 5,000 minor asylum seekers.

The Pentagon states in a statement that the country’s health department has requested the Ministry of Defense to help accommodate up to 5,000 underage asylum seekers until September 30 this year, if necessary.

In February, 6,825 underage asylum seekers, who came without a family, were arrested after crossing the border illegally. The same figure for January was 5,119 people, according to Customs and Border Security Agency CBP. According to a US Children and Families Agency, about 11,500 single minor asylum seekers have been taken care of by the government.

CBP chief Kevin McAleenan said on Thursday that the number of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States in February was the highest in several years.

“We are currently facing a humanitarian and national security crisis along our southern border,” he said.

US authorities expect the number of immigrants trying to enter the country to increase over the next few months. The migrants who go to the United States are mainly from Central American countries.

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