47 percent of children in family law cases are from immigrant families

NRK has run a report on family law cases and they came out with a report that 47 percent of children in family law cases are from immigrant families.

NRK has gone through all judges from Norwegian courtrooms in March, April and May this year where children have been involved in litigation against their very closest.

There were convictions in 84 cases. A total of 135 children were involved in those cases. Of these, 63 are children in immigrant families. That is, 47 percent. Most have backgrounds from Africa and Asia, and many are from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the NRK survey shows,

Violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk at the Police College says she thinks the numbers are disturbing. She believes that anyone who comes to Norway must be offered psychological examinations.

The statistics can be explained by cultural and legal differences, she believes.

“The laws are different in Norway compared to many other countries. It may be that people come from weak state forms with authoritarian dictatorship, where power lies in the family and the family. They do not have all of these organizations that we have in developing countries, “explains Bjørnebekk.

She thinks a lot is about honorary culture. Besides, many immigrants flee from trauma, not least war, says Bjørnebekk.

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