4,500 employees lose their jobs in Swedish Nav

Every third employee, or 4,500 people, in the Employment Service, Sweden’s answer to Nav, loses the job as a result of reorganization.

A number of work offices will be laid down all over the country, informs the Public Employment Service’s manager Mikael Sjöberg.

– A very heavy decision, he says.

The notice of termination is among the largest ever in Sweden. Today, the Public Employment Service has more than 13,000 employees in about 240 offices. Around 3,500-4,000 of those who lose their jobs are employed elsewhere than at the head office in Stockholm.

The decision is linked to the cooperation agreement that the new government parties are behind. In the long run, the Government is proposing that the employment services themselves become the responsibility of private actors. Thus, Arbetsförmedlingen will not have as much need for having offices around the municipalities.

Digital operation and a control device become more important when so many employees disappear:

– There is also this part that is kept away in the notice of termination – the digitization and IT, says Sjöberg.

He believes that the reduction, both in the number of employees and the number of offices, will affect the Employment Service’s ability to fulfill its mission.

– My thoughts really go to all employees now. There are many who will end up in an uncertain situation. It takes a while before we can tell exactly how many people are being terminated, he says.

Negotiations are now starting with the unions. The management’s goal is that the actual notice of termination will be ready by the end of April.

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