43 Lotto Millionaires Before Christmas

In addition to the regular lottery draw, there was also a so-called super draw Saturday. Thus, 43 winners can go Christmas in the face of Lotto millionaires.

Two people shared the first prize pot in the regular draw and are left with NOK 9.7 million each.

The last Saturday before Christmas there was also a great draw, a good old-fashioned draw among all the coupons that have been delivered since the last super draw. It doesn’t matter if you have any right numbers – 42 winners were drawn “out of the hat”. One of the winners was a cooperative in which each participant receives NOK 100,000 into the account. The other 41 were single players, each winning one million each.

The many millionaires are in almost the entire country, says Norsk Tipping . Most winners were in Møre og Romsdal this tiny Christmas Eve: 5 super winners and a “regular” Lotto winner. 14 of the country’s counties had at least one winner, but Troms, Finnmark, Vest-Agder and Norsk Tipping’s home county Hedmark had no winners that evening.

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