4,000 can lose the job at General Motors

Car manufacturer General Motors (GM) is expected to get rid of 4,000 permanent employees in connection with a planned reorganization.

The latest estimate comes from a source with knowledge of the case, but the company has so far not wanted to comment on the figure.

– We want to communicate with our employees first, says a spokesman for the company. He would rather not say anything about the timetable for the dismissals.

Last November, GM announced that it would cut 15 percent of its staff as part of a comprehensive savings package. Seven factories, five of which are in North America, should be closed. Both Canadian and US authorities have criticized the plans, which will save GM $ 6 billion.

Around 2.3000 permanent wage earners in GM have accepted the final package, in addition to 1,500 hired workers having had to quit. A source of knowledge of the process, says an estimate of 4,000 permanent employees who will lose their job, seems reasonable.

The company has not come up with any estimate of how many permanent employees must end their will in connection with the cuts. GM representatives say they expect to create 2,700 new jobs at US plants, and unions will be offered transfer.

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