40 injured in an explosion in restaurant at Sapporo

A powerful explosion has hit in a restaurant in Sapporo. Japanese police report that more than 40 people are injured.

The reason for the explosion in the Toyohira district is so far unknown, reports the BBC .

Images posted in social media show great devastations. It broke out after the explosion, and according to the news agency Jiji Press, 41 were taken to hospital. At least one of them is seriously injured, and the emergency services are on site with over 20 vehicles.

The police have blocked the area of ​​fear that there may be more explosions, according to the BBC. The announcement about the explosion arrived at 20.30 sunday, at 12.30 Norwegian time.

There are also homes in the area where the restaurant is located, about 3 kilometers southeast of the city center on the island of Hokkaido north of Japan.

A witness tells the Japanese channel NHK that many windows are broken and that “many people are injured”.

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