Over 200 students banned in Norwegian universities

Currently, 207 students are in the register of those who are banned from Norwegian universities and colleges for cheating, false diplomas or dangerous behavior.

The University of Tromsø has the most excluded, with 30 students as of March 2, a review shows the university newspaper Khrono has done. Nine universities and university colleges have fewer than five students in the common register RUST – Register for excluded students – which were put into use in 2014.

Students can be excluded for a maximum of three years, and when the exclusion is over, all data is deleted. Reasons for being banned include fake diplomas and cheating. Dangerous behavior or breach of confidentiality can also lead to exclusion, as well as being banned after a fitness assessment.

Head of Håkon Randgaard Mikalsen in the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) is not surprised that cheating and diploma are taking place, considering that there are almost 300,000 students in Norway.

175 of those who are banned are taken for cheating, while only 16 have been found unfit for the profession of education.

– 16 is low, and probably too few, says Mikalsen, and adds that it is probably because unsuitable students are rather guided out of the studies, rather than being promoted to the suitability committee.

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