17 pigs were killed after fire breakout in the pig farm in Stokke

17 pigs were killed after a fire broke-out in a pig farm on Stokke in Vestfold on Friday night.

Southeastern police district reported a smoke evacuation from a pig farm in Bjørndalsveien in Stokke at 22 o’clock on Friday, and police and fire brigade moved out. Police report on Twitter that there has been a small fire on the spot. Probably there was a lamp that has started the fire in the piglet, with 40 sows and 700-800 piglets.

“Several of them have had smoke and burns and must be killed,” police said.

Later, the police report that a total of 17 pigs died after the fire.

Operations manager Erik Gunnerød said earlier to VG that there were between 10 and 20 sows likely to be dead as a result of the smoke damage, while none of the piglets have been injured.

Police, ambulances and veterinarians were on site to assist in emergency slaughtering.

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