135 injured in new protests in France

135 people were injured after 125,000 demonstrators gathered for a new protest in Yellow vests in France.

Of the 135 injured are 17 police officers. France’s Secretary of State Christophe Castaner said that “outstanding” security measures allowed the police to arrest nearly 1,000 people. The news agency AFP reported that 1,385 people were arrested.

In Paris alone, at least 10,000 “yellow vests” demonstrated Saturday afternoon, France’s Deputy Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nunez, quoted.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe commits Saturday to have a dialogue with representatives of the Yellow West.

– The dialogue has begun and it must continue. The president will speak and he will propose measures that make the dialogue fruitful, he says.

The police used water, tear gas and rubber bullets

More than 8,000 police officers were called out to the French capital to keep track of Saturday’s protests.

Tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Musée d’Orsay are closed and well protected by armored vehicles and police shields, and many shops and restaurants closed the doors even though it is in the middle of the shopping season before Christmas.

More than fuel

In the wake of protests in recent weeks, President Emmanuel Macron’s government has decided to drop the harsh tax increase on fuel that triggered the first round of demonstrations.

Protest waves led by the so-called “yellow vests” – after the vests are all required to have in the car – has become somewhat bigger.

It is no longer just about expensive petrol and diesel. The demonstration has become a far wider protest movement against Macron’s regime. The president, accused of driving “a government of the rich”, receives support from almost a quarter of the population. 72 percent say despite the violence and the chaos protests have triggered that they support the “yellow vests”.


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