Over 1,000 new KrF members

KrF is about to end a turbulent year, but in parallel with the intrusive internal struggle, the party has grown by just over 1,000 members.

At the end of 2017, KrF had 25,949 members. Today is the number 26994, writes Klassekampen. The growth of 1,045 members means a growth of 4 percent. The majority of the growth has come at the end of the year.

Since party leader Knut Arild Hareide on September 28, the party recommended to go to the left to seek power – a struggle he eventually put in place, but still lost – the party experienced a net membership growth.

There was a big increase – 1,351 more entries than announcements – between Hareide’s speech and the extraordinary general meeting. After the meeting on November 2, there were more people who went out of the party than in, and KrF experienced a net decline of 412 members.

“We still have a high membership and are much higher than parties we can compare ourselves with. That the trend of decline has now been broken shows that we have potential for growth in the future, says Secretary General Hilde Frafjord Johnson.

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